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When the robots take over, they’ll at least be able to give you a proper funeral

Does it sound and look spooky as hell? Absolutely. But in Japan, where the elderly are beginning to outnumber children, cheap, automated funeral rites may soon become the norm.

Podcast – How Artifical Intelligence Makes Brand Personalities Come to Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reinventing the creative landscape for marketers.

The Next Wave: Using AI to Build Better Marketing Campaigns

"Whether we opt in or not, AI is touching all of us and will touch every person on the planet."

Google launches new accelerator program for artificial intelligence, machine learning startups

The Launchpad Studio (via TechCrunch) is a part of the broader Google Launchpad Accelerator program that provides equity-free support, all-expense-paid training at the Googleplex, and access to Google engineers, resources, and mentors.

This high school kid taught himself to be an AI wizard

With his skill, enthusiasm, and cooperative attitude within the community, Mikel is very much the template of a rising star in the Kaggle and greater AI communities. Except for one thing: Mikel is just 16 years old.

The Game-Changing Technology Every Company Needs to Prepare for Now

Artificial intelligence is coming soon to reshape your business–and the world.

AI and ‘Enormous Data’ Could Make Tech Giants Harder to Topple

When competition in tech depends on machine learning systems powered by huge stockpiles of data, slaying a tech giant may be harder than ever.

This Artificial Intelligence Program Taught Itself Parkour

DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google that focuses on artificial intelligence research, has built a program that taught itself how to overcome obstacles.

A Guide to Blockchain and Energy

On this week’s Interchange podcast: A "loose federation of weirdos" discusses the potential role of blockchain in electricity markets.

New App uses Blockchain to deliver secure ID information storage

In a digital world prone to hacking attacks, blockchain is rapidly becoming the most secure way to store information.