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Journey into Pryors is journey to ‘Edenic past’

Should you go to the Pryors, treat them with the reverence they deserve. Be quiet, and you may hear an answer that you’ve been waiting for all of your life.

Epic Powder Prize up for Grabs: Winner to Receive a Montana Cat Skiing Trip and Free Handmade Powder Skis

For skiers and snowboarders that are dreaming about the ultimate powder cat skiing trip, a Montana cat skiing trip for two and a free pair of skis or a snowboard is up for grabs.

New website looks to bring tourists to Sanders County, Montana – Tour 200

"Sanders County is one of the lesser traveled and maybe lesser known regions of Montana, we’re kinda tucked away on the Clark Fork River between two mountain ranges and so hopefully people will discover this area a little more and we’ll get more people coming to visit."

Cold Smoke Chronicles: Montana Ski Happenings for 2011

See why you should be skiing in Montana this winter

Crown of the Continent conference addresses tourism, region’s future

"My name is Jonathan Tourtellot and I am a tourist," he declared. "And this is my wallet."

Roaming Gnome gets lost in Montana

According to Travelocity CEO Sam Gilliland, the company’s four-month long campaign to promote Montana began two months ago when it began showcasing the state on its Web site. Since then, hotels that advertise with Travelocity have seen a 40 percent increase in bookings, Gilliland said, while featured bookings have seen an 80 percent increase.

Fort Peck: Big water, big fish, big business in Montana

"We’ve had a lot more fishermen, in particular from North Dakota and Wyoming, and I would guess some of that is due to the rising water levels and good fishing," she said. "Fishermen talk and spread the word. We’ve had a good salmon season this year and people are talking."

Billings Chamber of Commerce wins regional promotion contract

The Billings Chamber has said it wants to market Custer Country as a historic adventure.

Iowans ‘get lost’ in Montana — on purpose

When the state tourism office started telling folks to "Get Lost" in Montana, Jody Kelly took it to heart.

Revving Up for the National Model T Tour – Montana Majestic Mountain T Tour rolls through valley Aug. 1 to Aug. 7

Get your century-old motors running, and get ready to head out on the highway – the national Ford Model T tour is coming to the Flathead.