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Watco Companies Announces Acquisition of Montana Railroad

"The Mission Mountain Railroad is a great addition to our operations in the Pacific Northwest. We currently serve customers in Idaho, Washington State and Oregon on our Eastern Idaho, Palouse River and Coulee City and Great Northwest Railroads," said Watco CEO Rick Webb. "Job One for us on the Mission Mountain Railroad will be to provide the customer with the right car, at the right time, in the right condition and at the right price.

Home on the rails – FasTracks stops could be hubs for retail and housing

"Transit-oriented development gives us the opportunity to focus our future economic development, rather than let it sprawl across the landscape," said Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

Baby boomers will drive transportation changes

Where homes and businesses are built makes a big difference in the success of public transit, says ValleyRide Director Kelli Fairless.

"We need to start planning our communities to be able to support these services," Fairless says.

Peddling power of the pedal – Local officials get behind Denmark’s bike-friendly ways

Officials in Denver and Colorado want local residents to recognize the economic and social benefits of cycling and are developing plans to that effect.

High cost of commuting

Every day 21-year-old J.C. Hungerford drives to Billings to work, he writes off an hour’s salary. The Carroll College junior returned home to Columbus for the summer but found employment in Billings. He figures it…

Horizon Frees Montana Fliers from Weekend-Stay Rule and Offers New Lower Fares

While everyone can benefit from the lower fares, banishment of the weekend stay rule will be especially appealing to business travelers. That’s because now they can qualify for a lower fare without having to stay past a Friday or Saturday before returning.

Rethinking The Future Of Transportation – While growth is inevitable, the overcrowding and overuse of transportation is not

Using technology in conjunction with politics, private transportation will be more efficient using centralized computing to clear current roadways.

Montana Transportation Choices

With a gross density of 6.2 people per square mile (compared to 80.5 nationally), Montana is a state with compact cities and towns (where most of its people live), and vast areas of open lands. Transportation choices made by Montanans over the next decade could have a profound effect on the future of the state’s cities and towns, and on its landscape.

America West to begin daily service to Kalispell

America West Express will begin a daily, non-stop flight between Kalispell and Phoenix in June, the airline said Wednesday.

Runway to prosperity in Great Falls – Refurbished strip, land opportunities may lure more distribution businesses

A $29 million runway upgrade allowing planes to take off and land in virtually all weather conditions could boost the Great Falls airport as a potential site for a whole new set of businesses, development officials say.

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