The Creative and Cultural Economy

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Program aims to be film school of the future

The program — which began in the fall and was given final approval by the university’s Board of Regents last month — has 70 students working on projects in everything from digital film, television and video game production to content creation, screenwriting, storytelling and computer science.

Art project honors new horizons library books offer

After taking photographs of natural places, Sotola paints scenes
from the photos inside sections of log and creates a diorama inside.

Where bright ideas are born – Inventors at home in Portola Valley

It’s the kind of creativity that made Silicon Valley famous as a birthplace of ideas. “It’s almost as simple as birds of a feather flock together,” Fogarty said of Portola Valley’s lure.

Montana Committee for the Humanities January, 2004, E-Newsletter

Welcome to the Montana Committee for the Humanities monthly e-newsletter. Here you will find links to MCH news, grant guidelines and deadlines, calendar of events, and much more. Queries, address corrections, changes, subscription and unsubscription…

SCOPE- Wed. Jan. 28 – The Voice of the Missoula Cultural Community

Today is Wednesday, January 28 and on this day in 1956 — gosh, that was only 58 years ago! — Elvis Presley made his first TV appearance. That was on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show…

Leaps and bounds – Buffalo Jump Gallery builds on ability to appeal to both artists and customers

“It’s a great (chance) just to see how much talent we have in the valley – it’s incredible,”

10 Great Places to introduce children to art

(Can we develop a list for Montana and the surrounding region? What are your suggestions?- )

Unique New York State festival teams artists, scientists

"To most people, the worlds of science and art seem separated," said Roald Hoffmann, a Cornell chemist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1981.

"We don’t think they are. This is a fun, wonderful way to show the connection between them," said Hoffmann, who does double duty as a published poet and playwright.

SCOPE for January 21, 2004 – The Voice of the Missoula Creative Community

Today is Wednesday, January 21, and on this day in 1908 an ordinance was passed in New York City that made it illegal for a woman to smoke in public. And here you thought that…

Missoula group, The International Wildlife Media Center and Film Festival makes plea for donors to save Roxy Theater

”Probably a lot of people think we got the building and don’t need their help anymore. But we don’t have the building and we do need everyone’s help.”