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The Future of American Farming Demands Broadband

How can we deliver the broadband that farmers need?

Could ‘Managed Retreat’ from Climate Change Revitalize Rural America?

Climate change will dislocate people in some cities. Many rural areas are losing population. Could a “climate-change Homestead Act” provide a solution?

How to Hire Employees During a Labor Shortage: Think Like a Marketer

The businesses having the most success in filling their job openings are those that are promoting their company culture.

The housing crisis and the labor shortage are linked: People can’t take jobs if there aren’t affordable homes nearby

Numerous studies show that affordable housing improves job growth, while expensive housing can damage local economies.

How to make remote and hybrid brainstorming less awkward

On the latest episode of ‘The New Way We Work,’ we learn several methods for creative collaboration and culture-building that work for remote, hybrid, and in-person offices.

USDA to Make Up to $1.15 Billion Available to Help People Living in Rural Communities Access High-Speed Internet

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced a significant expansion of access to high-speed internet, health care and educational services for millions of rural Americans nationwide. 

McDonald’s Beyond Meat Test Could Be A Game Changer For The Plant-Based Category

We may soon have a clearer idea of just how big this plant-based category could be.

The 3 crucial steps to building a perfect startup pitch

Your startup’s story—and how you tell it—could make or break that crucial quest for funding, says this communications coach.

Average tech salaries in Seattle rise 4.6% to $158K, second-highest in U.S.

Demand for tech talent remains at an all-time high, the report said, while the “Great Resignation” is resulting in workers quitting at record rates — 62% expect to look for a new opportunity in the next six months.

As Insurance Companies Stop Full Coverage for Covid-19, Rural Hospitals Brace for More Financial Burdens

The federal government will still pay for the care of uninsured Covid-19 patients. But the insurance-rule changes could stress struggling rural hospitals.