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Looking for a new place to live? What does a community need to tell you about to help you make a decision?

We’d like to know anything you feel is important so we can help develop something that we think will help you make a decision.

Small-Town Natives Are Moving Back Home – What do you need to know about a community?

For many young people, returning to struggling communities means exchanging prosperity for a more rooted life.

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein on Retail’s Recent Revolution–and Where the Industry Is Headed Next

The pandemic has transformed the retail landscape. Here’s what businesses need to know going forward.

What exactly is in the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Act passed by Congress? Montana may get as much as $2.7 billion

The bill contains many provisions that may have down-stream benefits for small businesses. Those include:

So You’re a B Corp: Why Should Customers Care?

How can businesses be better stewards to their customers? There are lessons to be learned from the B Corporation movement.

What Happens When Investment Firms Acquire Trailer Parks?

The financial industry’s pursuit of profits from mobile-home communities is undermining one of the country’s largest sources of affordable housing.

New report shows substantial increase in rate of new entrepreneurs in 2020, but …

This report on early-stage entrepreneurship in the United States in 2020 presents national trends, as well as trends for specific demographic groups when possible.

The US Needs 100 Mbps Broadband To Keep Up with Modern-Day Tech

“We must learn from our experience during the pandemic and raise federal standards for new broadband service to require low latency, high reliability, and speeds that meet our expected 21st century needs.”

Q&A: How to Attract Young People to a Rural Region

Concern about attracting young people will sound familiar to most rural residents, but especially to “public-lands communities.” These are populated areas – towns and small cities – that lie near large swaths of publicly owned land like national parks, Bureau of Land Management holdings, and national and state forests.

Businesses tied to South Dakota governor’s family got $600,000 in virus grants

Family members of South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem received over $600,000 in funds from a state grant program pushed by the governor that directed federal coronavirus relief funds to small businesses.