Rural Communities

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As commutes begin earlier, new daily routines emerge

This "commuting creep" is changing the lives of tens of millions of Americans. Increasingly early commutes also are altering workers’ relationships with their families.

Rural America: Invisible voters. Residents say their central issues are off candidates’ maps

"There is no respect for agriculture. No planning for our infrastructure. No understanding of the long distances people have to go to access medical care." "People are putting development near highly populated areas or outsourcing to China," he said. "It’s sad. Rural America has a lower cost and better product."

Rock Island, IL engineering firm moving to Iowa

"The quality of life and cost of living will help us attract engineers from all around the United States."

Grads go full circle — back to state

"I think a lot of younger alumni do find their best first opportunities out of state. But we do see, and I do meet, plenty of alumni who reach a stage of career where they’d like to find a way to move back to the Midwest for a combination of family and lifestyle reasons."

Rural Bridges – Get Connected

Want to spend more time at your mountain retreat and at the same time, cultivate your career, maintain your work schedule, and keep your business contacts? Yes, you can.

2007 Cost-of-Doing-Business Index

Based on these metrics, America’s Heartland is the place to be. The lowest cost states are (in rank order): South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho.

Exodus Of Youth Strands Eastern Europe’s Aging Population

The aging population, shrinking tax base and falling birth rates in Eastern Europe mirror what has been taking place in Western Europe, but with some big differences.

Study: Work, commute affect sleep

"You could argue there’s a hidden cost to living in suburbia," adds Gregory Belenky, director of the Sleep and Performance Research Center at Washington State University in Spokane. People who live in sprawling urban areas often make a long workday even longer when they try to run errands on clogged roads, he says.

Telecommuters: Live in Great Falls, Montana – Work in San Francisco, CA

The share of telecommuters in the United States would grow to 25 percent of the adult workforce if everyone who had the option to telecommute or whose job lends itself to telecommuting did so, according to the University of Maryland survey.

The Montana Future

While there will always be regional concentrations of activity, the Montana Future is here. And it’s awesome.