Rural Communities

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India to Outsource to Idaho?

Wipro’s chairman, Azim Premji, told Wall Street analysts earlier this year that he was considering hubs in Idaho and Virginia, in addition to Georgia, to take advantage of American “states which are less developed.”

Poor People are Moving to Already Poor, Rural Communities

One explanation is that there are structural problems in rural areas that, in a sense, enforce poverty. There are fewer good jobs in rural areas.

Iowa has to sell itself to younger generations

Iowa needs good jobs, more entertainment options and a better reputation if it wants to stop losing young adults to other states.

The strength of the wolf is in the pack, and the Midwest is looking stronger as the "third coast".

“It’s not something that happens overnight,” Shagory said. “These companies can take a long time to develop, but success stories can do amazing things for a community.”

How Teams Far Apart Can Work Well Together

IBM uses high-tech tools to grapple with an increasingly common problem: making far-flung teams work well together.

Report touts benefits of telecommuting. Workers save gas, reduce carbon emissions

Telecommuting saves 840 million gallons of gas a year, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by nearly 14 million metric tons, a study released Wednesday found.

The Californication of Magic Valley, Idaho. How Californians are changing the way you live

As word gets out, she said, more businesses are coming, especially from California, and their impact is largely positive. California businesses – including more retail and light manufacturing – diversify the economy and boost wages. Average wages in Magic Valley were about $9.50 an hour five years ago. Today, the average wage is about $12 an hour.

Double Whammy Rural Counties Lose Population Two Ways

USDA demographer Calvin Beale shows the parts of rural America losing population through outmigration, as people leave, and as deaths overtake births. In nearly 500 counties, population is dropping for both reasons.

Tennessee Gov. Bredesen fighting for rural growth

One of Bredesen’s initiatives is a new $13.25 million Rural Opportunity Fund, capitalized partly by the state and mostly by private financial institutions. The fund, which he previewed for Shelby County business leaders last month, will lend money mostly to existing small businesses in rural counties that have demonstrated their viability but need venture capital to grow.

As commutes begin earlier, new daily routines emerge

This "commuting creep" is changing the lives of tens of millions of Americans. Increasingly early commutes also are altering workers’ relationships with their families.