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Portland’s Indow Windows brings thermal inserts to market

The inserts are made out of acrylic glazing edged with a spring bulb. When you press the insert into place, the spring bulb compresses, holding the glazing securely in place, just like a refrigerator door.

Portland startup Lecere sues its own investors over online comments

In a series of increasingly barbed posts this fall and winter, a new federal lawsuit alleges, these critics called Morris a "criminal," a "clown" and a "scum bag rotten piece of trash with no morals."

Oregon companies enjoy banner year

While Oregon’s economy remained in the tank throughout 2010, the state’s publicly traded companies enjoyed a banner year.

Commissioner Leonard Steps Up Portland’s War on Fun

The first attack is on craft beer, the city’s primary cultural export.

Oregon in ‘death spiral,’ Gov.-elect John Kitzhaber tells business leaders

Oregon is headed for a fiscal catastrophe unless its leaders make dramatic changes in the way the government spends its money and delivers services, business leaders told state officials Monday.

Central Oregon white buffalo herd featured on special Pendleton blanket

The herd is set to gain some new notoriety. Pendleton Woolen Mills is making Navajo-style "medicine blankets" using wool and blended white buffalo hair that the bison have shed. The blankets are new this season and the mill tentatively plans a second, larger run for 2011, says spokesman Robert Christnacht.

Act-On resists Silicon Valley’s call, lands $4 million in venture capital anyway

"Who are these guys to tell me that I should only succeed down there?" asks Raghavan, Act-On’s founder and CEO. "It’s ridiculous to think you can’t succeed in Oregon."

Hi-Tec moving U.S. headquarters from California to Portland

"Portland is a hub for some of the best talent in our industry," said Bill Berta, chief executive officer for Hi-Tec USA. "Few cities share our values and commitment to a healthy, outdoor lifestyle like Portland. We could not be happier to be here."

In reverse of offshore trend, Oregon manufacturing thrives when high-tech, high-quality products are needed

"There are certain manufactured products that will need to stay here," Hauge says. "If it’s engineering intensive, if it’s low-volume, if it’s controlled by the government or if it’s a new product where you need to get the bugs out before mass production."

Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors say State needs to reform or repeal kicker law

"It’s increasingly clear that the kicker makes no sense whatsoever," said council Chairman Joe Cortright, president and principal economist at Impresa Inc. "It’s something we should get rid of."