Montana Leadership

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Montana’s Leaders of tomorrow – "Job’s for Montana’s Graduates"

JMG is a national award-winning drop-out prevention program for Montana’s at-risk youth. This year the program will serve nearly 800 students statewide and is funded by the Montana State Legislature.

Leadership Luncheon Brings Alumni to University of Montana Campus

The program is designed to give UM students an opportunity to hear how important it is to be involved on campus and how skills gained from student employment positions, extra curricular activities, internships and volunteer positions are applicable to their professional lives after graduation.

Montana Professional, Brian Magee, Executive Director of the Montana Nonprofit Association, Recognized for Leadership in Charitable Nonprofit Sector.

Brian is the 2006 recipient of the national Phyllis Campbell Newsome Leadership Award. The Award is presented by the National Council of Nonprofit Associations (NCNA) to a leader in the state association network who has decided to dedicate their career to serving others, and views the nonprofit sector as a vehicle for that service.

Montana Leadership group hears about energy progress in area

Tim Lechner, Headington Oil, presented the most current information available about the Bakken Play. The Bakken Play in Richland County is currently producing 1.7 million barrels of oil per month or 55,000 barrels per day.

Sidney prepares for Leadership Montana

"I believe that the program demonstrates the value of providing a good understanding of the very different communities in Montana, economic sectors as well as cultural, with the goal of keeping the state moving forward."

The Three C’s of Leadership

”You are called upon to lead your colleagues, manage your budgets, work with your counterparts to help your state or community meet the needs of its residents,” said Ridge, who also served as the first secretary of the federal Department of Homeland Security. “It requires leadership at all levels.”

Connecting the Dots between Innovation and Leadership

How are leadership and innovation linked? "How exactly do we put those two together? How do we lead in a way that generates innovation?" he asked, describing the synergy as "a kind of high-octane fuel we ought to get as much of as we can."

MSU Leadership Institute Presents A Lecture By Nobel Peace Prize Winner David Trimble, 10/15, MSU, Bozeman, MT

Nobel Peace Prize Winner David Trimble will speak on "Transforming Religious Conflict into a Lasting Peace"

One-Minute-Manager Guru On Leadership for M.B.A.s

Strong leadership skills are critical for M.B.A.s aiming to become top corporate managers.

How to Be an Extraordinary Leader

CIOs can take their leadership skills from good to great by focusing on what they do well—and doing it better.