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Ordinary People Have Best Ideas

Peter Skidmore, a program manager from Seattle, has officially come up with the best idea since sliced bread.

"Where’s George?" Web game that monitors geographic circulation of dollar bills used to forecast diffusion of a virus

Since money, like viruses, is transported from person to person, place to place, researchers feel that this model is the best way to track the movement of people.

101 Dumbest Moments in Business

13. The furor dies down, but only after Sony says that the real intent was to prevent the spread of the malicious Celine Dion virus.

Scientists Find Gene That Controls Type of Earwax in People

Earwax may not play a prominent part in human history but at least a small role for it has now been found by a team of Japanese researchers.

Ben’s frank advice is still timely

He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.

Is Your Computer Killing You?

Read on for the top ten ways computing can hurt you — but watch your posture, OK?

Web levels dating fields: Site matches single famers

"Why would they be interested in a farm girl?"

Biggest Discoveries of 2005

The Year of the Rooster marked the discovery of the first dinosaur tissue, the solar system’s 10th planet and a mechanical hand controlled by thought alone.

The Best and Worst Tech Moments of 2005 from Wired Magazine… along with the 10 Sexiest Geeks…

It was the year corporate and university data spills just kept coming, and the Supreme Court decided technology companies can be held responsible for the bad behavior of their users.

‘Gorgeous geeks’ get some exposure in new Calendar

It’s well-known that engineers and computer scientists typically earn more than workers in other fields. But along with that comes the long-standing stereotype that tech types are dorky, pasty-faced drones.