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Directory focuses on technology businesses and organizations actively involved in science and technology in Idaho

The 64-page directory, which lists more than 200 companies, research organizations and universities, will serve as a point of contact for people interested in doing business in Idaho, Commerce and Labor officials said.

Money talks, cheese company walks from possible move to Idaho

"We just could not compete with the monetary incentives which were extended by Texas and the communities surrounding Dalhart."

Jayco expands production in Twin Falls, Idaho

"When we moved here we had a three-year goal," said Yoder. "We’re going to hit that three year goal in 18 months."

Atlas mill (Coeur d’Alene, ID) workers qualify for worker retraining

A little good news arrived Tuesday for the employees of Stimson Lumber’s Atlas mill who will lose their jobs when the plant closes at the end of the year.

Group wants tax incentives for Idaho tech industry – Breaks would aid investment and research

Boise State University President Bob Kustra said the ideas could have a "significant impact" in Idaho’s ability to recruit and nurture new businesses.

Idaho Commerce and Labor Connections November 2005 Newsletter

"In Idaho, we found a plentiful and enthusiastic workforce, lower business operating costs and a fair and balanced tax structure. What could be better?"
— Dana Jordan President of Cascade Toboggans and Rescue Equipment Co. in Sandpoint

Outside investors inflate Idaho Valley prices – Investors discover Treasure Valley real estate only a web site away

But experts worry that the very things that make homes attractive to investors — affordable housing costs, a strong rental market, a superior quality of life — are threatened by the investment boom.

Governor looks to further boost trade with Mexico during trade trip scheduled for Dec. 3-10

The delegation represents 24 Idaho businesses, four public and private universities, five trade organizations and even an elementary school on a trade mission to Mexico.

Small-business owners power Idaho’s economy

Main Street is where the state’s citizens go to work, so policymakers should consider just how programs, rules and regulations will affect the state’s job-creating small businesses.

Agriculture is not dead, group says – Partnership focuses on rural Idaho’s future

Idaho’s leaders need to recognize that agriculture and timber aren’t dying parts of the state’s economy, but a growing $10.4 billion segment that offers the best hope for progress in the rural areas of the state.