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Cardiac surgeon, Dr. Carlos Duran giving talk Monday at Montana Tech in Butte on heart-valve reconstruction

Brooke Brady, a graduate student in the environmental engineering program under Kumar Ganesan, has been working with the International Heart Institute of Missoula on aortic valve replacement research. She said Tech and the institute are working together to bring "an engineering perspective into the further development and testing of this valve."

Vanderbilt turns ideas into new companies

”We’re in the base-hits business,” he said.

”Some people say, ‘can’t you just hit home-runs?’ It’s a matter of having a lot of at-bats, a lot of companies in the pipeline.”

Idaho slow to move tech ideas to market – Proponents say successful tech transfer breeds talent, jobs, economic diversity

It´s the latest buzzword in economic development: Tech transfer.

Maryland Supports For-Profit to Speed Tech Commercialization

Through its Challenge Investment Fund, DBED’s Investment Financing Group is committed to investing up to $1 million over a four-year period in start-up capital in BrainChild Maryland.

Michigan Works to Get Research Out of Ivory Tower

Universities and policy-makers must be held accountable, Boulus said, if this new emphasis on technology transfer is to produce tangible results.

Colorado State University hopes lab leads to biotech hub

But as part of its grant, the NIH requires that CSU’s new lab work with business to turn science into products.

"We can do a lot of the basic research, but there has to be a collaboration to really get these products to market and impact public health," Gardner said.

Sandia labs wins national tech transfer honor

"Sandia serves as a model in the United States for bringing technology from a research and development institution to the marketplace,"

University of Wwyoming spinout, CC Technology Inc. gets grant to develop a handheld device that can detect cyanide in blood or saliva.

University of Wyoming chemists have received a $75,000 National Institutes of Health grant to develop a handheld device that can detect cyanide in blood or saliva. Associated Press Billings Gazette Current technologies require anywhere from…

Arizona State University Technopolis takes on life – Designed to support tech, life-science business growth

"We see a tremendous pent-up demand for this kind of service,"

Turning Research into Products

Universities involved in the transformation of technology do so for the public’s betterment, but they also hope to create a product like the University of Florida’s sports drink Gatorade. Such a product will put the institution on the map and begin a flow of money and research talent.