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Regents discuss woes with 2-year programs

The Montana University System does a reasonably good job of attracting the state’s high school students to its four-year campuses, but needs to do a better job getting the word out on two-year degrees, regents…

Business-savvy teachers add up

Nationwide, about 200,000 adults have become certified to teach under alternative accreditation state laws since 1985, when such laws began to change.

The Top Business Schools- A New Winner

(Be sure to take a look at the rating criteria- Very intersting!- Russ)

Michigan to Provide Computers to Every Sixth-Grader

When accomplished, Michigan would become the second state to provide an entire grade of students with some type of computer device. In 2001, former Maine Governor Angus King announced a similar initiative to provide a laptop computer to every seventh- and eight-grader in that state.

Albertson Foundation rewards 361 schools- Winners will split $1.2 million for successes

Rewards were paid to public, private and charter schools for students in second through ninth grades if at least 55 percent of the students in an entire grade at a school met growth targets.

Engineer guru seeks a tech-savvy society

Wulf called for engineering schools to "think about the industries and jobs that will be, not the ones that are," noting that Wayne Gretzky attained hockey fame by skating to where the puck would be instead of where it was. "The real trouble that the country ought to be facing is how do we develop a public lifelong learning system and train them for the jobs that will be, not just the jobs that were."

MSU tops nation in CPA pass rate

Montana State University accounting students had the highest pass rate in the nation for graduate students taking the May 2002 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam the first time, according to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). The 2002 rankings are the most recent results posted by the association.

Duke Partners With North Carolina to Prepare Students for Engineering Careers

"Making school more relevant for students is a critical need," said State Superintendent Mike Ward. "We view Project Lead the Way as a viable way to show students that they need to start preparing for the future while they’re in school."

Learning to be ‘successfully intelligent’

There are many ways to be creative, to dream, and to consider the outrageous, starting with how you see yourself and your options.

Edmonton’s schools lead North America, study finds – Book praises ‘revolution’

Edmonton school children Megan Corbett, Todd Moser, Levi Stamp and Baillie Gladue read during a Grade 2 class. A study by a U.S. professor of 223 schools in six cities has found Edmonton schools offer…