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China’s Patent Law Revamped – Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The revisions have addressed various important issues central to the better protection, exploitation and enforcement of patent rights in China.

Patenting Business Methods – The Rules Change, but the Game is the Same

This article discusses the evolution of business method patents and the new standard set out by the Federal Circuit in the Bilski case.

Ringing Up The New .tel Top-Level Domain Name: One of Many TLDs to Come

You may have heard the buzz about a new sponsored top-level domain name (sTLD), .tel. It may sound exciting and useful: a way to make it quick and easy for your customers or clients to find your company’s contact information, even making it possible for them to dial your company directly from their mobile phones.

Dorsey eUpdate: Protecting Your Brand in DotChaos and Updates from ICANN’s Meeting in Cairo

Are you concerned about how the upcoming expansion of the world’s domain name system
will impact your brand and your budget?

Web Free-For-All on the Horizon — Brand Owners Should Begin Planning Their Defensive Strategy Now

Web 3.0 is fast approaching and brand owners should beware—it is not designed with you in mind

Law360 Spotlights Dorsey Whitney’s Cutting-Edge E-Discovery Service

Electronic discovery has become increasingly prevalent in litigation since several revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect at the end of 2006.

Quanta v. LG Electronics, Inc.: The Supreme Court Extends Patent Exhaustion To Patented Methods

The longstanding doctrine of patent exhaustion provides that “the initial authorized sale of a patented item terminates all patent rights to that item.”