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Bionic Eyes Benefit the Blind

"While much of the work is still preliminary, we are very hopeful that one day these implants could restore ambulatory vision to patients," he added.

Reaching Through the Net to Touch

Researchers at the University at Buffalo, New York, announced last week they have developed a system that lets one person experience the sense of touch felt by another. They said they could transmit the sensation across the Internet.

Technology Elite Are Focusing Next on Human Body

"We have reached the inflection point in information technology where we’ve moved from revolution to evolution," said Dr. Satava, whose projects include developing cyborg moths and robot surgeons. "But there is another revolution fomenting, and if we master it, we will be the first species to control our own evolution."

Pentagon wants to develop a system to catalog everything about a person’s life and make it searchable – A Spy Machine of DARPA’s Dreams

"DARPA’s LifeLog would take this concept several steps further by tracking where people go and what they see."

An Aircar in Every Garage?

"The fantasy of a personal flying machine is lurching toward reality, as companies ready vertical-takeoff aircraft for market, and information technology endows planes with the ability to fly themselves."

Sound technology turns the way you hear on its ear- HSS for the first time does for sound what the laser did for light

Rarely is an invention so unique, so visceral and so simple that in 15 seconds most people who experience it realize it could alter everyday life. By Kevin Maney, USA TODAY But that’s what happens…

MIT Media Labs Invents Digital Walking Maps for Tourism industry

"The researchers say it could be used in kiosks at hotels or tourist information centres by visitors trying to work how much they can squeeze into their day."

The Future Of High-tech Housing- Popular Science Magazine features a Swedish housing complex that is ecologically sound and wired.

"Not very many architects are doing this kind of housing," says MRY’s O’Connor. "It’s very new and groundbreaking in a lot of ways."

Flexible E-Paper on Its Way

"The material, only as thick as three human hairs, displays black text on a whitish-gray background with a resolution similar to that of a typical laptop computer screen."

Biodegradable corn products may become plastics of future

"Cargill Dow thinks a billion pounds of PLA could be harvested annually within a decade. That would mean 10 percent of the nation’s corn supply would be converted into plastics and fibers."

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