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Why Doesn’t Job Retraining Work?

Despite billions spent and the best of intentions, the American workforce resists reinvention.

Help Wanted – Report Projects Job and Education Requirements Through 2018

Employers will need 22 million new workers with postsecondary degrees—and the report shows that we will fall short by three million workers without a dramatic change in course. In addition to national projections, the report also includes state-by-state analyses.

34 Days Left to Sign Up for FREE Computer Training and Certification in Montana

‘Elevate America’ is an innovative public-private partnership between Montana’s Department of Labor and Industry and the Microsoft Corporation.

Promoting Your Job Search When You’re Employed

Luckily, there are ways you can subtly let it be known that you are open to opportunities.

The Keys to Unlocking Your Most Successful Career

Five Simple But Crucial Lessons Culled From Many Years of Offering Advice to Workers, Bosses and Job Seekers

Big Blunders Job Hunters Make… hilarious…

A recent candidate for an entry-level outsourcing job at Accenture Ltd. unwrapped a sandwich during an interview and asked the hiring manager if he could eat it since it was lunchtime.

How to Get the Salary You Want

To get the top compensation possible—without putting a sour taste in your potential employer’s mouth—take these steps.

Shut your mouth and open your ears when interviewing

There’s a battle going on in every first interview, but it’s not the battle you’re thinking of…

How to answer tough interview questions

I’m going to give a radical, unheard of response to these questions. Here it comes…

Why Resumes Fail: The Trilogy

Your script stinks, and here’s why: