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Project Manager Tony Criswell Email: [email protected]

Revealing Your Frustrations Could Harm Your Job Search

"The feeling is that the harder you work to find a job, the faster you’ll get out of unemployment," she says. "But you can easily stretch yourself too thin and become desperate."

Early-bird interviewee has advantages

If you want everything to go well during your so hard-to-get-job interview in an employment market saturated with job seekers — here’s a wake-up call for you: Try to schedule it for early in the… Featured Career of the Week- Information Systems Manager

Featured Career Information Systems Manager Joseph Eve & Company, LLP Great Falls, MT Featured Talent of the Week- Information Systems Administrator

Desired Job Title: Information Systems Administrator Daniel L. Maples [email protected]

Child Care Entrepreneur Pens Guide to Assist Working Mothers

Linda Mason never intended to establish the world’s leading provider of employer-sponsored child care centers. As she puts it, she was an idealist. She studied history and piano performance before using her Yale MBA to…

Butte/Anaconda Job Service Campaign Provides Employers with Breakthrough Management Book

Moving forward with a major informational campaign about its groundbreaking services for employers, the Butte/Anaconda Job Service Workforce Center is helping businesses to "First, Break All the Rules." That’s the title of a book of…

Customize job search, experts advise-Know how employers use technology to sort through digitized resumes

In this age of electronic resumes and digital job postings, knowing how to take full advantage of the Internet can speed a job search. But career coaches say that making effective use of online resources… Featured Career of the Week- CEO

Featured Career Chief Executive Officer Annual Salary $60,000 – $80,000 Quality Life Concepts, Inc. Great Falls, MT Featured Talent of the Week- IT Manager

Featured Talent Desired Job Title: IT Manger Roger Hale [email protected]