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Brazilians visit Wyoming for work

Wyoming’s burgeoning economy has left a vacuum in the work force of many small businesses, particularly in the food-services industry.

Good jobs close to home in Wyoming

The good news doesn’t stop there: Starting salary for a junior engineer at Belle Ayr ranges from $60,000 to $65,000. A modest expansion of the mine would add 500 to 700 more employees within the next five years.

Wireless users now have another service choice in Sheridan, Wyoming with Chinook Wireless

The new center is part of a $40 million investment on network expansion and improvements that the company officially launched in August of 2006.

Investors sought for Powell, Wyoming fiber optic network

U.S. MetroNets founder Ernie Bray said the company had yet to complete a project using the financing model followed by Powell, but the city was a good candidate for being the first.

Wyoming Federal Representatives Encourage Technology Business

"Success breeds success. Highlighting just how many healthy technology companies that are already flourishing in the Cowboy state could help attract more and show people that yes, it can and is being done right here at home. This WTO report is a part of that effort." Sen. Enzi

Wyoming call center caters to S. Koreans. Eleutian Corp.

"Our biggest difficulty now is finding enough teachers and getting them trained," said Holiday, whose distance learning company will match students in South Korea with teachers more than 5,800 miles away in Wyoming.

Wyoming ethenol from wood chips plant being designed would be first of its kind

Ethanol is widely produced today from corn and other food crops and used as an additive to gas and diesel fuel. Making fuel from wood chips and other nonfood crops is more difficult but has the potential to significantly alter the nation’s dependence on oil.

Wyoming Career Opportunities – Three Senior Software Developers, Quality Assurance Analyst – Torrent Technologies

We value all members of our team, not just senior management. We believe that beyond a paycheck, every member wants challenging work and a sense of accomplishment and appreciation. We offer not only competitive compensation, but ownership as well by making Torrent’s Stock Option Plan available to all full-time employees.

Young Wyoming pros get ready to network

"The strength you carry is going to have some profound effects on our community for generations to come,"

Wyoming Business Council CEO, Tucker Fagan to exit

The Wyoming Business Council is a quasi-governmental agency that encourages business development.