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TED 2011: This Week at the TED Industrial Complex – Ignite Missoula is coming!!

It’s a problem shared by Google, Facebook, and just about any organization that begins from a relatively intimate core: When success comes, how do you scale to more ambitious heights without losing the intimacy and passion that was a hallmark of your original offering?

For BIL, Tagging Along With TED Proves to Be an Excellent Adventure

Ignite Missoula- Are You Ready For 5 Minutes In The Spotlight? We’re accepting entries, Date TBD, Missoula, Montana

Improve Your Public Speaking with a More Effective Mindset

Over the last few years many executive coaches have been urging leaders to learn to communicate more powerfully through examples from the acting profession. But they may have it wrong — or at least, only half right.

11-year-old is set to Ignite Boise

Get inspired. Get creative. Get on stage.

Sparks of creativity ignite engaging evening – Got something you’d like to talk about? MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Got a big idea? Take five minutes.

And not a second more.

Ignite Missoula v.3 – We need your help

We need your help. We need you to spread the word and help us get some quality speakers for the night. It’s that simple!

Are You Ready To Present? 5 Minutes- 20 slides – Ignite Missoula V.3! , 10/14, Missoula, Montana

Do you have something that you’d like to talk about that will change people’s lives?

How To Give a ‘TED-Worthy’ Presentation

The annual TED conference offers brilliant examples of successful business presentations, and pointers gleaned from the TED talks can help business leaders improve their own presentations.

Liven up your speeches with these social media tricks

Use social tools to build buzz ahead of time, stage interactive text-message polls or get your audience talking by moderating a back-channel Twitter discussion. "These methods allow you to connect with your audience before, during, and after you deliver your message"

Deliver Better Presentations by Understanding PowerPoint’s Top 3 Myths

Whenever someone requests (or demands) that you send the PowerPoint deck ahead of time — so it can be reviewed the day before the presentation — a kitten dies.