Regional Economic Development

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Canada considers Denver for consulate Ally to the north is state’s top trading partner

Canada may open a consulate general in Denver this year to promote trade with Colorado, already worth $2 billion a year. Denver is in the "top tier" of cities being considered for a new consulate…

Training program paying off in Idaho

"It’s one of our most effective recruitment tools, especially in a down economy," Gov. Dirk Kempthorne said Wednesday. "Training new workers can be a major up-front cost to companies. If we can help them with that, it’s a real savings."

Idaho Agrees to Allow Out of State Timber Sale Bids

On Tuesday, Idaho Secretary of State Ben Ysursa informed Secretary of State Bob Brown that the State of Idaho has agreed to end the practice of excluding Montana businesses from bidding on Idaho timber sales….

Plugging the brain drain-States fret over losing their young, educated workers, and many are scrambling for ways to stop the outward flow

“I definitely see myself coming back, but the opportunities will be the most important factor,” he said. “My heart is definitely in North Dakota.”

Designing a brain drain plug

"The widespread budget dilemma for many states, combined with a popular brain drain notion that much of the investment in educating young people ultimately hits the freeway for a job elsewhere, is creating a lot of pressure to rein in higher education spending.
That would be penny-wise and pound-foolish, according to Gottlieb. States should not “ratchet down” higher education spending or capacity “simply because you discover that you are educating other states’ technology workers … [that] would be a huge mistake. The role of university capacity in creating high-tech agglomerations is simply too important.”

Town sees economic salvation in huge lava lamp

"I’m for anything that will bring tourism back into our city." Mayor Ken Lee

Business leaders say that addressing New Mexico’s economic woes in the 2003 Legislature will provide the impetus to remedying the state’s other top concerns

"There seems to be pretty good recognition that growing the economy is the catalyst needed to address other issues, such as schools, transportation and water," said John Carey, president of the Association of Commerce and Industry of New Mexico.

2003 North Dakota State of the State Address-Gov. Hoeven Asks North Dakota to Invest in Smart Growth

The Honorable John Hoeven Governor of the State of North Dakota January 7, 2003 Lt. Governor Dalrymple, Justices of the Supreme Court, distinguished legislators, elected officials, former Governor Link, tribal leaders, First Lady Mikey, honored…

Colorado Cities seek to keep workers near home Regional planners target ‘jobs/housing balance’

(Is this the problem that Montana will be facing in the very near future or are we already there? Are we preparing to address it to keep from replicating the problems of other communities?- Russ)

Next challenge for (North Dakota) lawmakers

The 1990 "Vision 2000" report said in bold type:
"North Dakota is at risk and cannot stand still. It must take bold actions now to prepare for the future." Nearly 13 years later, that future is now.
By all appearances, the Legislature – all North Dakotans – never faced more compelling reasons for dealing with the present than they do now.