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Software schools evolve to help students compete – U.S. companies fund state-of-the-art campus labs

China, a country known more for its technicians than tech innovators, is building a new type of university system — one that combines the technical with the creative and the practical. The aim: creating China’s own Larry Ellisons and Bill Gates.

Florida Develops Statewide Plan to Diversify Economy

The strategic plan outlines eight priority recommendations based on input from more than 1,000 business, community and economic development leaders statewide who participated in nine regional workshops through Fall 2003.

Investment in Higher Ed Key to Economic Growth in Mississippi

The state must quickly commit substantial resources to higher education to achieve the goal of making Mississippi competitive in the New Economy

VC guru tells Scots businesses to prepare for world technology boom

It’s becoming more standard for institutional investors like pension funds to allocate money to venture capitalists.” If you couple that, he added, with the next generation of VC managers that will inevitably forget the lessons of their predecessors then the next boom will be larger than the last.

Minnesota Governor Focuses Proposal on Enhancing Quality of Life

His proposal includes $760 million in bonds for projects in five key areas: higher education; economic development, housing and transportation; community safety; public services and preservation of existing infrastructure.

Kansas Legislature Wants $500M for TBED Strategy

The plan calls for the state to invest at least $500 million over the next 10 years through a variety of new programs to encourage research, innovation and technology commercialization.

Tech Business Leaders Compare Madison, WI to Other Regions

Until you have a wildly successful startup story … you’re always going to have a second-tier environment. A community needs organic growth and a large, successful story,”

Oklahoma Marks Progress, Looks to Future – The satisfying flavor of success in tech-based economic development is whetting Oklahoma’s appetite for more. Lots more.

Interest in advancing Oklahoma’s competitive position and economic livelihood through science and technology-based economic development may be at an all-time high.

Oklahoma Economic Plan Strives to make State "The Research Capital of the Plains"

A $1 billion fund to make Oklahoma "the research capital of the Plains," tax cuts to encourage companies to do business in Oklahoma and a 50-cent cigarette tax increase were part of the final EDGE plan presented to Governor Brad Henry.

Michigan Opens New Agency Focused on Economic Growth

This action is expected to improve linkages among economic and workforce development initiatives, streamline services now provided by programs in different departments, and ensure more efficient administration.