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Missoula based Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to receive $247,500 HUD grant

Since the organization began in 1984, it has protected and enhanced more than 4.7 million acres of wildlife habitat across elk country and funded more than 4,900 stewardship, conservation-education and hunting-heritage projects in 49 states and eight Canadian provinces, the release said.

Missoula-based Adventure Cycling Association looks back, plans for future as the largest nonprofit cycling organization in the country

“It’s sort of the Mecca of bicycling,” Sayer said. “People just feel the need to come by, and we love to see them.”

Computer 4 Kids spreads bytes of holiday cheer

Computer 4 Kids takes donated computers, refurbishes them and gives them to families who otherwise could not afford one.

The Montana Nonprofit Association has an agenda for the 2007 Montana Legislative Session including extending the Montana Charitable Endowment Tax Credit

The credit makes some gifts to nonprofits for endowments tax-deductible. In the 10 years the tax credit has been on the books in Montana, it has helped charitable nonprofits add $100 million in permanent assets, Magee said.
"It’s been enormously successful,"

Starting a Nonprofit Business

If you have a passion for a cause, starting a nonprofit could be for you.

“Capitalizing on Convergence” Nonprofits and businesses are converging

Nonprofits and businesses are converging – in the value they create, the stakeholders they manage, the organizations they form, and the financial instruments they use. The era of convergence is upon us. Do you know how to take advantage of it?

The Custer Battlefield Historical and Museum Association Board of Directors announces the call for candidates to serve on the board.

Next year there will be two open positions (three-year terms).

America the charitable: a few surprises

Charitable giving plays an even larger role in the economy than is suggested by some $260 billion in annual contributions. Each dollar of giving appears to create $19 of extra national income, according to a book released this past weekend.

Nonprofit Leadership Development a Nationwide and Local Challenge

Nationally, nonprofit organizations will need to attract and develop some 640,000 new senior managers over the next 10 years

Make It Easy for the Media to Cover Your Non-Profit Organization

Ever wonder why the media seems to cover some nonprofits all the time, while ignoring others?

It’s usually because some nonprofits make it easy for the media to cover them — and others don’t.