Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Faster, Sooner: Why The U.S. Needs ‘Gigabit Communities’

In a global economy, talent and capital can flow anywhere, and they’ll flow to countries with the strongest innovation infrastructure. We’re in a global bandwidth race, and we need to ensure the U.S. has a strategic bandwidth advantage. Without it, we risk losing our global lead on innovation, and we risk watching jobs and investment flow elsewhere.

The Most Powerful Internet Connection in the World Is Now in France

With billions of things–cars, appliances, cameras, watches–expected to tap the Internet by 2020, demand will only rise. "That is the thing that all network providers are panicking about. That bandwidth requirement is not going away. In fact, it’s increasing."

Video with Bill Moyers – Susan Crawford on Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly and Unfair

Telecommunications policy expert Susan Crawford says our government allows media conglomerates to put profit ahead of the public interest.

My New FiberHouse in Kansas City – Missoula starts effort to implement GigaPOP

I bought a house in Kansas City on Monday. It’s next door to the Homes for Hackers and KC Startup Village. It will have Google Fiber in it. I hope it becomes an integral part of the nation’s first Google Fiberhood.

The Whole Picture: Where America’s Broadband Networks Really Stand

The United States needs to invest significantly more in policies and programs that encourage more of our residents to come online and reap the benefits of the broadband Internet.

Is your school’s Internet access fast enough for digital learning?

Join thousands of colleagues across the nation to find out by taking the school speed test. In less than a minute you’ll know the speed of your school’s Internet access and the types of digital learning it can support.

Move to the Gig

Chattanooga has long been known as a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. With the advent of the city-wide Gig network, it’s rapidly becoming a haven for geeks as well.

Please Attend And Support – Missoula Should Pursue A Commercial GigaPOP. 2/13, Missoula, Montana

In addition to faster and higher capacity broadband, benefits include reduced network latency and putting Missoula, MT on the map as one of the best spots in the West to build your innovative technology company.

Wireless Industry Fights Plans by FCC to Provide Super WiFi Networks Across the Nation

The airwaves that FCC officials want to hand over to the public would be much more powerful than existing WiFi networks that have become common in households.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski called for all 50 states to be outfitted with at least one gigabit-speed community by 2015

Genachowski also announced the FCC’s plan to provide a clearinghouse for best practices on speeding gigabit deployment.