Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte photographed, fingerprinted after assault conviction

Gianforte, 56, pleaded guilty in June to assaulting Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs on May 24. Jacobs said Gianforte "body slammed" him and broke his glasses when he asked a question about a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act that had passed the U.S. House. Audio taken by Jacobs recorded the sounds of a scuffle followed by Gianforte yelling, "Get the hell out of here!"

Greg Gianforte calls for civil politics four days after pleading guilty to assaulting journalist

Gianforte refused to answer questions about the attack and why his campaign initially released a statement painting Jacobs as the instigator, which contradicted witness accounts, Gianforte’s own apology letter and the criminal charge to which he eventually pleaded guilty.

Greg Gianforte – The Montana Congressman Who Just Pleaded Guilty To Assault Is Dividing The Montana Tech Community

Many in the tech community Gianforte helped build are distancing themselves from him in light of his recent quarrel and his past politics.

Gazette opinion: Gianforte’s jobs pitch may be more of a curveball than you think

If his campaign is all about jobs, what about his record as a job creator and businessman?

Gianforte says Indian reservations hinder free markets

My advice to would-be entrepreneurs there is, you may not be able to start the business on the reservation, but maybe you can do it in Hardin, just off, so you have the protection of the Montana courts."

Facebook Disputes Claims of Gianforte

A spokesman for the internet giant said Thursday the Bozeman Republican never spoke with Facebook officials.

Why Doesn’t Greg Gianforte’s Petra Academy Welcome Students with Disabilities?

While conservative groups, most of them backed financially by Greg Gianforte, continue to press the case that the state should violate the Montana Constitution and permit public funds to be spent on private, religious education,…

Greg and Susan Gianforte of Bozeman pledge $4.6M to send Montana kids to private schools

"Having run a business here in the state, we saw how important a good education is," Gianforte said in an interview. "Montana is one of only a couple states in the country with no school choice legislation. There’s no charter schools, there’s no vouchers, there’s no tax-credit scholarships."

7 Reasons Startups Should Not Take VC Funding – Advice from Serial Entrepreneur Greg Gianforte

Raising venture capital for early stage start-ups seems to be the prevailing path for most entrepreneurs; however, most would-be founders should reconsider.