Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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Montana’s Public Lands: promises and peril

Campaign pledges to champion Montana’s public lands will be put to the test in 2021. Here’s where you can expect to see the rhetoric hit the road.

Commercial ag optimistic about Gianforte administration

John Youngberg has a pretty short list of what he hopes the Department of Agriculture will focus on during Gov.-elect Greg Gianforte’s tenure: more support of large, commercial scale agriculture and less emphasis on crops sold locally on a folding table.

Gianforte Announces Transition Teams For Departments of Commerce, Labor And Corrections

Gianforte in a statement said Montanans have lost out on good paying jobs, adding, “It’s time to empower Montana workers and create an environment where small businesses thrive.”

Gianforte Names Transition Advisors For Agriculture, Revenue

The advisory group includes business owners, current and former Republican lawmakers, and people with experience in county government.

How New Governors in Utah and Montana Could Impact State IT

Although the 2020 election only brought two new governors into power, both Spencer Cox (Utah) and Greg Gianforte (Montana) could influence the role of IT and their state CIOs in interesting ways.

Sportsmen: Gianforte’s advisory committee lacks balance; favors donors, special interests

Hunting and conservation organizations were disappointed that the advisory council lacks anyone involved in wildlife conservation. Meanwhile, the committee has at least three big-time outfitters who market to high-paying out-of-state customers.

The Gianforte Family Foundation

We support organizations that equip people to improve their lives in a sustainable way.

Gianforte names team to recommend leaders of Montana DNRC, DEQ

A member of Gianforte’s team works for the company permitted to operate the copper mine near the Smith River.

Gianforte names 21-member COVID-19 task force; 1 doctor, 1 nurse on panel

During the campaign, Gianforte often said he would rely more on Montanans exercising “personal responsibility” to fight the outbreak of Covid-19, as opposed to some of the mandates handed down by Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock.

Montana’s New Governor Could Remake the State – New York Times – Gianforte launches website to ‘Help Lead Montana’s Comeback’

Greg Gianforte’s victory is another step in the Republicans’ ideological conquest of the American West.