Montana Education/Business Partnerships

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Class a testing ground for students — and products

(There are many opportunities for similar relationships between our schools and business. The College of Technology in Missoula has many relationships with major companies like Polaris, Honda, Arctic Cat. etc. What shools can your company work with in any number of areas?- Russ)

Save cities, unlock ivory towers-City-university partnerships can help bridge resource gaps.

BALTIMORE AND CLEVELAND – America’s cities are facing challenges on a scale not experienced in 25 years. The weak economy and lingering effects of Sept. 11 have placed an inordinate strain on budgets. Cities have…

Wild films: MSU program trains students to make science, natural history movies

BOZEMAN — For 13 weekends last fall, Tracy Grazino drove 120 miles to Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley to videotape coyotes. By BRETT FRENCH Of The Gazette Staff Working from 4 a.m. until sunset, sometimes…

Wisconsin can’t afford to disconnect university from economy-UW must continue to be impetus for development

"In this day and age, we cannot carry the day in the global economy with a weakened university." "Brain power is what’s necessary to carry the day in a global economy expanding with huge centrifugal forces."

MSU marketing class aids Extension Services marketing efforts

"Taylor said she believes it’s important for today’s students to experience what the real world of business is like through similar projects."

Meet MSU’s "Mold Man"

BOZEMAN–When it comes to mold, Mike Vogel has seen it all: the rubbery-looking brown stuff that bubbles up in the corner of the shower. The green speckly fuzz that sprouts on window sills. And the…

Priming the Pump- The University Montana Cranks up Montana’s Economic Engine

“We try to use our resources to develop wealth for the state of Montana,” Rudbach says. “We have a lot of entrepreneurs and good ideas in this state, and we need to support and nurture them.”

U.S. High schools offered wireless networking certification program

Participating schools receive a free license to the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) curriculum, which is a vendor-neutral program created by Planet3 Wireless Inc. of Denver.

Colleges urged to be urban partners

"It’s also crucial that a university president make the urban partnership a clear priority in his or her administration, Levin said, recruiting the necessary leadership and providing resources.

In recruiting deans or key staff, "I have made community outreach an explicit goal and a criterion against which performance is measured," he said."

Home-schooling IT talent

Everyone agrees that no college program can be expected to produce students with the leading-edge skills that are immediately valuable to an employer. But, Grecian points out, if you can encourage area residents to follow the IT route at local schools that are teaching the curriculum that matters most to nearby employers, "they come out with the concepts down and a desire to learn, and they’ll do continuous training at their place of employment."