Montana Economic Development

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The Importance Of The Creative Economy

A new report finds that the "creative economy" is probably the second most important part of the city’s economy behind the financial sector.

Thinning may be key to forest growth

CORVALLIS, Ore. — For decades, land managers had assumed that the dense young forests that blanket much of the Pacific Northwest would grow to resemble the old-growth forests they replaced. Associated Press Deseret News But…

Statewide teamwork stressed at gathering on economic stimulus

It’s time for the people of Montana to leave the "we vs. us" mentality in the past and work together to change the state’s economy, Great Falls Mayor Randy Gray told a group of economic development professionals Thursday.

The paradox: paying to ruin what we love

In the Gallatin Valley, every dollar generated by farm land delivers a net 75 cent gain to county coffers; every dollar generated by commercial developments creates a windfall of 82 cents, but every dollar generated from a subdivision cost taxpayers 45 cents.

New bureau splits from Chamber of Commerce-Bed tax could be up for grabs

"The whole city, whether you have any idea that you depend upon tourism, depends on tourism. People don’t think of that," said Cox. Added Roth: "People don’t understand tourism. They don’t understand the economic impact it brings."

Appalachia Rife with Tech Clusters But Exploiting Them Presents Challenges

The findings can be used to direct state investment in “centers of excellence” at research universities, training and education at teaching universities and community colleges and in technology transfer and industrial extension programs.

Office of Economic Development Weekly Newsletter

In this Issue… – Gibson Addresses the PPL Montana, MEDA, and MT Certified Communities Fall Conference and Encourages a Collaborative Effort – Connecting Montana Businesses through Technology – Wind Generation: Montana is Ready – Upcoming…

Logging funds sent to state businesses

Grants meant to decrease wildfires KALISPELL – Nearly $200,000 in federal money has been funneled through state coffers to help private businesses and public programs that log young, small-diameter trees from Montana’s forests. By MICHAEL…

Montana/Wyoming Native First Accounts program-Helping new depositors to use the banking system

MONTANA – The Native American Development Corporation announced the public kickoff of its "Montana/Wyoming Native First Accounts" project to help unbanked Americans open up bank accounts at insured depository institutions. Staff reports Indian Country News…

Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology Grant assists in $6.8MM Malt Barley Facility development

(The proposed budget would eliminate grant funds for future projects ($3.65
million for FY04 and $3.65 million for FY 05). For details, look at Look at the last paragraph on p 91 to see the
reduction of $3.65 million.- R&D is the key to a long-term successful entrepreneurial high-revenue economy.- Russ)