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Happy 102nd Birthday to Gloria O’Rourke’s (MEDA and Ambassadors Coordinator) Grandma, Lorraine Stamper Enloe

Grandma has connections in high places.

Pickens Plan: T. Boone Finds Receptive Crowd for Wind-and-Gas Strategy – T. Boone Pickens hates foreign oil

For those of you who missed the presentation by T. Boone Pickens at the Montana Ambassadors meeting last week:

T. Boone pitches his energy plan at Montana Ambassadors Annual Meeting

In September, Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer signed what is known as the Pickens’ Pledge, demanding an end to America’s addiction on foreign oil.

The governor says Montana can lead the rest of the country to energy independence from its position in a powerful wind corridor that gusts from Canada to Texas.

Montana Ambassadors Honor Champions of High Performance Buildings – "BetterBricks"

BetterBricks is partnering with the Montana Ambassadors in order to reach business professionals from all corners of the state.

T. Boone Pickens Coming to Montana Next Week – Montana Ambassadors Annual Conference: “Energy Jobs for Montana”

Recognizing the emerging employment opportunities in the energy field, the Ambassadors will follow the luncheon with a panel of energy developers and policy experts discussing the opportunities and challenges we face in bringing energy projects to Montana.

Montana Ambassador Arne Siegel awarded the " Ableson Award for Visionary Leadership" by the SAE Foundation. – Education Equals Economic Vitality.

One of the gifts Arne
and Steffi have made to the SAE Foundation
is an endowed fund to support the expansion
of "A World in Motion" (AWIM) throughout Montana and eventually
throughout the Rocky Mountain rural

The Pacific Northwest Chapter Of The Montana Ambassadors’ Evening With Governor Brian Schweitzer, 2/5, Seattle, WA

Please join us for an evening of networking with fellow "friends of Montana" who share a professional and personal interest in Montana business and economic development. The event is free of charge thanks to our sponsors.

Governor Schweitzer and Montana Ambassadors bringing T. Boone Pickens to Montana

Montana is particularly well-suited to Pickens’ pledge being one of the nation’s top ranking in wind power potential, oil and gas reserves and Governor Schweitzer’s strong support for new energy development.

2009 Montana Ambassadors Annual Conference, 2/26-27, Helena

Highlights include a 25th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion, Presentations by 2008 Annual Award Winners, Governor’s Social and Awards Dinner, T. Boone Pickens – Keynote Speaker, Legislative Leaders Update and Energy Jobs for Montana Panel.

Montana Ambassadors – Nominations for Governor’s Awards due October 1st!

Nominees do not have to be a member of Montana Ambassadors (other than Ambassador of the Year)

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