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Commitment to training leaders yields big rewards for this top 10

"These companies have made a deep commitment to leadership development because it directly leads to the successful execution of business strategy and exceptional business results."

Leadership as Layup? Lessons from Basketball

"It’s become increasingly clear that leadership affects institutions, and that people can be led to a more successful performance," says Douglas T. Breeden, dean of the Fuqua School.

Salman Rushdie coming to MSU on March 7

The response to Rushdie coming to MSU has been overwhelming, McSpadden said. Tickets have sold out.

Five Takes on Creative Leadership

How do you lead an increasingly diverse, creative and eclectic workforce?

Leadership Montana Building for Second Year… Now Accepting Applications for Class of 2005-2006

Leadership Montana is about creating what we want to BE, not just what we want to do. Those who have a passion for this state and their community, and are willing to accept responsibility for leadership, should consider this new and unique opportunity.

"Motivating Others Through Personality Assessment,", 2/15. Sidney

A Leadership Skills Development program, sponsored by the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, on Feb. 15 will stress how to motivate others. Bruce Smith, a Montana State University extension agent, will present the…

Management: Traits of Successful Business Leaders

"A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of
getting along with people, of getting things done."

–Dwight D. Eisenhower

Salman Rushdie To Speak At MSU, 3/7 Organized by MSU Leadership Institute

"Rushdie’s life experience with the fatwa and as an author represents the importance of our country’s open exchange of thoughts and ideas," said Carmen McSpadden, Director of the MSU Leadership Institute http://www.montana.edu/leadership/ , which is organizing the event.

City lights: Why don’t top leaders come here?

You’d think that in 116 years at least one Canadian prime minister would have wandered across the border, if only by mistake, wouldn’t you? And why wouldn’t at least one bigwig ever come to Montana to hunt? For that matter, what about Glacier National Park? What kind of inducement do you need to have to attract a foreign leader?

Leadership Lessons from Teddy Roosevelt

Roosevelt thought his liking for ordinary people was one of his strengths as a public figure. "You must have an emotional, even visceral communication with your constituents," said Roosevelt. "They are more important than men of power."