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HP, Micron continue to be leaders in innovation. Companies rank in the top 6 for new patents granted in 2005

With 18,000 employees worldwide, Micron is the smallest company ranked in the top 10, Micron officials noted. Canon, the next smallest company, has 21,300 employees.

Healthwise grows in Boise, Idaho, unveils new way to help patients. You may have used this company’s services, even if you’ve never heard of it.

Have you ever visited the popular health Web site called and clicked to learn more about a health issue? If so, you’ve read information from Healthwise, a Boise-based company.

Micron says 50 jobs in Utah may turn into more

Quietly, with nary a microbit of the hopeful fanfare and choreography of its 1995 groundbreaking, Micron Technology’s sprawling Lehi complex has at long last begun ramping up for production.

S. Idaho tourism boosters hail new vintage aircraft museum

"All of the airplanes in this hanger will be flying at that air show," Terry Bagley told The Associated Press on Thursday. "These airplanes all fly. They’ve all been restored. They’re beautiful. It’s not a static display."

Idaho Office of Science & Technology February 2006 Newsletter

The state needs to put more funding into targeted research and in helping emerging companies get launched, says Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne.

Direct Connections has big ambitions: Rockland, Idaho-based company thriving

“The old model of having to go into the office to do work is gone,” Griffin says.

Boise Valley tech firm, Treetop Technology hires former HP official to take over as CEO

"While I don’t want to minimize the impact of getting a pink slip, there are ramifications that can actually strengthen our local economy. As seasoned executives such as Kriss leave the larger companies, they tend to stay in the Treasure Valley and enter a growing pool of entrepreneurial activity. People like Jason have played a significant role in fostering this environment."

IdaCorp subsidiary pulls out of broadband over power line (BPL) business

The company has abandoned BPL after seeing that electric utilities were not immediately embracing the technology.

Group gives Idaho B in job creation, F in pay

The state was ranked sixth in the nation for the number of jobs produced, but among the lowest in the nation in the criteria used to identify quality jobs, including average pay (46th), annual pay growth (48th), number of working poor (41st), and the number of people who have to accept part-time work because full-time jobs are not available (33rd).

Idaho Commerce & Labor Connections – January 2006

" Today’s changing work force demands employees with strong math and science skills. Approving standards to increase required math and science classes will go a long way toward ensuring a strong economic future for Idaho’s next generation."
— Roger B. Madsen, Idaho Commerce & Labor Director