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USGS Creates National Map Project

Excellent map "The Lewis and Clark Expedition and the USGS" – Russ

Feds Want All-Seeing Eye in Sky – Dr. David Opitz of VLS to speak at conference

"We need to know something about everything all the time,"

GPS Users Still Lost in the Woods

The theory behind global positioning system devices is compelling: Since the devices can tell their position in longitude and latitude to within 20 feet, users can never be lost. In reality, though, GPS users are finding themselves … lost.

GPS finds way into more users’ lives – Aircraft system among new uses

"Consumer awareness [of GPS] has really only been in the last two to three years," said Glen Gibbons, founder and editor of GPS World magazine. "We live with cars and cell phones. If you put GPS in them, people become familiar with it."

China to help Europe develop GPS rival

China is to contribute to a new global satellite navigation system being developed by European nations. news service The Galileo satellite system will offer a more accurate civilian alternative to the Global Positioning System…

Next-Generation GPS – Global positioning inches toward a makeover

HERE I AM– at least to within two meters or so, the current civilian resolution of GPS. By Steven Ashley – Scientific American Some 20 million people now regularly use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology,…

California Launches Satellite Pilot program to manage emergencies using GPS and GIS technology

AB 1509 by Assembly Member John Benoit requires the Office of Emergency Services to conduct a demonstration project on the use of satellite devices that use GIS and GPS technologies in the management and deployment of mobile emergency response equipment and personnel.

High-tech device could be the future of livestock ID

"The technology is hugely new and innovative," he said. "Retinal scanning security has been used, but this simply moves it to the bovine industry."

Mapping Technology Speeds Help to Fire-Scarred Land

"Erosion is a huge, complex problem," he said. "You don’t want to waste any time in fighting it."

GIS Web Portal Fuels San Francisco Economic Development

Of all the cities shaken up by the economic downturn following the dot-com bust, few have felt the impact like San Francisco. At the height of its technology-driven 90s economy, commercial vacancies were at a…