Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Food co-op proposed for Missoula North Side

"People want to build community. They want to have a place to meet neighbors," Moody said. "This model creates a certain amount of ownership … they own and run the store," which makes them more likely to get and stay involved.

Real-World Advice for the Young

The best single piece of advice from Peter Drucker: Stop thinking about what you can achieve; think about what you can contribute (to your company, your customers, your marriage, your community). This is how you will achieve.

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

Learn what qualities entrepreneurs have in common–and whether you have what it takes to join their ranks.

Illinois Gov. Launches Entrepreneur Web Site

The mission of the Illinois Entrepreneurship Network is to provide entrepreneurs with the critical resources needed to convert those good ideas into thriving businesses, and, by doing so, convert the economic promise of Illinois into greater prosperity," State Senator Arthur Wilhelmi (D-Crest Hill) said.

Montana State University College of Business Entrepreneurship and Small Business Program Ranked Top Ten in the Nation

"The program is structured so that the students will take core skill development classes, then specialized entrepreneurship classes, and finally, they will then interact with area entrepreneurs who are building their companies either from scratch or managing the company through rapid revenue growth."

Serial Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur: RightNow CEO Greg Gianforte holds forth on the secrets of starting and growing a company

His book on how to bootstrap startups is coming out soon, and he’s been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School.

Local resources for Michigan entrepreneurs – Does your community have similar efforts?

* Small Business Certification Program: Provides information about seeking contracts with major corporations and other customers. * Entrepreneur Roundtable: Provides peer groups of eight to 10 noncompeting members to discuss and share common business problems….

Wisconsin job training bill designed to help small businesses – "I’d rather pay for training than unemployment,"

The legislation would transfer authority of the Business Employees’ Skills Training Grant Program from the Department of Commerce to the Wisconsin Technical College System Board, providing more regional support and knowledge to small businesses for worker training.

Four State Programs Lauded for Boosting Entrepreneurs including Idaho’s "TechConnect"

Four state initiatives spurring entrepreneurship and economic growth, and demonstrating market-based results, have won national "Best Practices" awards from the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Developing an entrepreneurial culture – Business plan competitions essential

After visiting several stateside locations where this kind of community is already strongly developed, Dávila maintained the best way to commence developing that support system and educating people about viable opportunities, was through the creation of Business Plan Competition.

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