Developing a more Entrepreneurial Montana

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Montana ranked #1 in starting a small business by The Motley Fool

Location matters more than you think and you need to keep in mind taxes, consumer spending, the number of new businesses, survival rate and even the climate. 

11 Lessons for Entrepreneurs From Jeff Bezos’s Tremendous Success

As the Amazon founder exits the CEO role, he leaves his successor a set of rules that might be helpful to any entrepreneur bent on conquering the known universe.

Great Falls Economic Development Top 10 for 3-21-21

GFDA announces its College Intern Program starting with five paid internship opportunities. Download application. Help us spread the word!

Wisconsin Startup Coalition, Tech Council tout their different approaches to advancing state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

Two tech-oriented groups were quick to endorse Gov. Tony Evers’ plan for a $100 million state-backed venture capital fund when he first pitched the proposal in February.

3 Expert Tips For Becoming A More Innovative Entrepreneur

It may take a bit of practice, but you can strengthen your mindset or regain the creative juices that you feel are a bit lacking as of late.

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 – How Funds will be allocated – Stimulus money could fuel massive Montana broadband effort

The latest COVID-19 relief package provides $1.9 trillion in mandatory funding, program changes and tax policies aimed at mitigating the continuing effects of the pandemic.

Montana Department of Commerce Awards Business Development Funding across 15 Montana Communities

“When small businesses across Montana thrive, our communities and the hard-working Montanans who live and work here have new opportunities to prosper as well,” said Commerce Director Scott Osterman.

Trepademics – Every Employee Now Needs Additional Skills Training – How to be an effective Remote Worker

We know the skills and tools to build your capacity as a Remote Worker. If you are a business owner, we also know how to implement a virtual internship program to support your needs.

4 ideas to help stimulate the startup economy in your state

Keep up with the neighborhood “Joneses” when it comes to venture capital.

The Great Falls Development Authority launches Volunteer Entrepreneur Mentor Network

“We want to have a diversity of mentors, both geographically as well as in ages and male-female. Different races, certainly Native American mentors, who can better connect with many entrepreneurs in the region so that we can spark business ventures,” said Brett Doney, the CEO of the Great Falls Development Authority.