How the housing industry is working to stop energy efficient homes

“When things don’t go their way at the national level, then they turn to the state and local level. And when things don’t go their way there, they change the rules.”

Like climate change, debate over the latest energy code is sometimes becoming politicized by legislators trying to stand out in an election year, she said. “Every bill that wasn’t successful last year, we expect to be introduced again.”

Across the country, the home builder lobby is mobilizing its 140,000 members against state and local efforts to save energy and ease the transition to cleaner technologies, such as wiring homes to support electric car charging. Since poorly designed and insulated buildings tend to leak and waste energy — one reason homes account for nearly one-fifth of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions — climate advocates say the home builders’ repeated victories will have a lasting impact, locking in practices that could hurt consumers and the planet for decades.

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Missoula County, Montana contract to provide guidance on converting sheds to housing

Some see the conversion of sheds into tiny houses, or accessory dwelling units, as a possible way to combat housing affordability. If done right, experts say the results can be budget friendly “and incredibly charming.”

Governor’s Housing Task Force – Meeting Notice March 8, 2024 – Zoom and Helena

The purpose of this meeting is to review and discuss Assignment #2: Analysis that focused on housing development case study examples and other information with an emphasis on finding Common Themes and Key Factors.

Green energy, EV sales are growing remarkably in the US as emissions fall. Is it enough?

Renewable energy in the U.S. reached an all-time high last year, with wind, solar and hydroelectric plants meeting almost a quarter of the nation’s power demand as electric vehicle sales also surged to their highest levels ever.

Energy Production Market Assessment and Economic Development Strategy RFP Proposals Due 3/20/24

The Great Falls Development Authority, Inc. (GFDA) seeks proposals to conduct a market assessment of energy production, energy support services, and energy retrofit demand in the Great Falls Montana trade area and to use the market demand assessment to develop an Energy Economic Development Strategy for GFDA and partners to pursue the identified opportunities.

Arizona’s ‘Car-Free’ Community Takes Shape

Culdesac Tempe has been welcoming residents since last year.


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