Effort underway to bring a tech hub to Montana


Tech hub would help create technology that can be used nationwide

“Most of this work right now is being done in Silicon Valley and the northeastern part (of the country), MIT and those universities,” said U.S. Senator Jon Tester of Montana.

Senator Tester believes there’s a lot of untapped potential in rural areas like Montana.


By: Colter Anstaett


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Senator Tester Presses Biden Administration to Bring Regional Tech Hub to Montana

“Great ideas don’t just come from big cities along the coasts” Montana Senator Jon Tester

How does Montana rank as a Distressed Community State for Tech Hub consideration?

Explore how your community performs on the Distressed Communities Index. Users can visualize how well-being varies across zip codes, counties, and congressional districts. Click on a geography to activate the tool. Scroll below the map to dig deeper into the factors that make up the index and the demographic composition of each community.

Salish College, UM, MSU eye workforce training as state pursues tech hub

A consortium of Montana universities and colleges, along with leaders in the technology industry, plan to pursue federal funding to establish a state tech hub. The first round of funding from the new program, fueled by the CHIPS and Sciences Act, will be available soon.

In Missoula, Sen. Jon Tester Hosts Roundtable Event on Bringing Regional Tech Hub to Montana

Tester was joined by experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs to discuss critical next steps for securing a Regional Tech Hub in Montana

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