Lockwood High, Montana students help run the school as part of new education program. More school systems should follow their lead.

Lockwood school district, Montana

The Lockwood school district is paying nearly 10% of its high school student body to help teachers and staff on campus.

As part of the newly formed alternative education program, 37 students aged freshmen and above are serving as aides for younger students, helping in classrooms, shelving books in the library, and supervising in the cafeteria and at recess.

This is in addition to a new internship program and other creative ideas the school is trying in order to benefit students and address teacher shortages.


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  1. Russ Fletcher on March 7, 2022 at 1:10 pm

    This is an outstanding program that I hope is replicated throughout the Montana school system. Many students are looking for experiential learning beyond the classroom. Engaging them in school functions, mentoring younger students and leading efforts to improve education are welcomed by many of Montana’s future leaders. I would also encourage that schools consider providing a program so that students can manage the IT systems in the schools. Many are more informed of the rapidly changing technology than most adults realize. There are many examples of student management of IT systems providing not only a more efficient systems but one that better meets the needs of the schools. Russ

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