Workers are saying ‘screw you’ to their leaders. Here’s why and how to fix it

remote work frustration

A master executive coach says ‘If you’re calling this attitude entitlement and ignoring it—or retaliating with tighter constraints on where and when your employees work—you’re missing a huge opportunity.”

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These Startups Are Betting on a Remote-First World

These startups begin to reimagine how the future will look if more people can uncouple where they work and where they live: “How does the world change if more people work remotely? How do countries, families, education, and daily life change?”

communities to large manufacturers can tap into the EV market to expand economic growth.

Changing Someone’s Mind: A Powerful New Approach

The Goal: To change minds, organizations, industries, and the world — stop trying to persuade, and instead, encourage people to persuade themselves.

Hybrid work doesn’t have to destroy productivity. Here are 3 ways to make it work

The right balance of remote and in-person work takes effort and open-mindedness from both employers and employees.

Learn how to Manage People and be a Better Leader – Managing with a Coach Approach – July 30 – In-person

This course is based on a management book called, “Coaching Illustrated,” by Mark David. The course highlights four specific principles in the book and breaks them down and applies them to real life management scenarios you may face in your day to day work environments. During the course, you will learn strategies to effectively grow and develop your team using a coaching style to management.

Retail workers are quitting at record rates for higher-paying work: ‘My life isn’t worth a dead-end job’

Some 649,000 employees gave notice in April, the sector’s largest one-month exodus in over 20 years, a reflection of pandemic-era strains and a strengthening job market

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