Don’t Buy Another Gas Car! No Hybrids Either. It’s Got To Be Electric!

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Your current car is getting a bit long in tooth and it’s time when you would normally be looking to replace it. Don’t buy another gas car! Some of you won’t let “them” pry a gas car from your cold dead fingers. However, many of the rest of us are open to the idea of an electric car. Some of you just don’t think one would work for you. If you are dead set on pulling a big boat 500 miles to Lake Powell on a regular basis, or taking a 45 ft travel trailer on a cross country trip, you are correct. However, for everyone else, an electric vehicle would not only work for you, but it’s a much better vehicle and you will love it. Besides, we are approaching the time when gas vehicles will fall out of favor, new sales will be banned or just fade away, and the resale value of your gas vehicle will drop to nearly zero. Ever try to sell a tube TV after flatscreen TVs had taken over the market?


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Hertz Needs To Tell Renters More About Driving A Tesla

A milestone in the electric vehicle revolution, toward the end of 2021, Hertz announced it was ordering 100,000 Teslas.

Here’s How Hertz Electric Car Policies Will Impact The EV Revolution

That’s how movements get started and gain momentum. The EV revolution has well and truly begun when major corporations embrace it. By 2030, everyone will wonder what all the drama over electric cars was about.

10 Ideas To Make Renting A Tesla From Hertz 10× Better – “Once you choose electric, you’ll never not select it.”

I think that for people to experience a Tesla EV, companies utilizing them in rental fleets would fare better listening to some of these ideas. And although some are Tesla-specific, such as relating to Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, others can be implemented by fleets that have a variety of EVs.

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