Hertz Needs To Tell Renters More About Driving A Tesla


A milestone in the electric vehicle revolution, toward the end of 2021, Hertz announced it was ordering 100,000 Teslas. That took true leadership from Hertz, and it’s something EV enthusiasts were long waiting to see happen (generally speaking). Aside from the fact that electric vehicles are cheaper to operate (and the more one drives in a year, the more one saves by going electric), electric vehicles are just much more enjoyable to drive, so EV enthusiasts have always seen electric rentals as a superb way to sell more EVs. That said … there are some differences in driving electric versus driving a gas car, or driving a Tesla specifically versus driving a gas car, and a rental car company renting so many Teslas to people should make sure renters know what they’re doing.


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  1. Russ Fletcher on June 9, 2023 at 9:22 am

    Just returned a Tesla 3 to Hertz in France after 3 interesting weeks. I own a Chevy Bolt and had driven a Tesla but it was someone else’s who rode with me. Driving it on your own for a period of time is a different kettle of fish. No assistance offered by Hertz when I picked it up. I was told I had to return the car with 100% charge which is mathematically impossible as there are no charging stations near the rental site. Great car but ran into problems with Hertz administration of the rental. My original rental was never found on either U.S. or French Hertz websites when I tried to extend the rental. Mysteriously lost over 20% of charge while car sat for 2 days. Tried to use a French charger that wouldn’t release my power cord when I finished. We had to get an attendant to reset the system.
    My suggestion is that if you’re going to rent a Tesla and you’ve never driven one over a period of time, watch an instructional video like this before you pick it up. Hertz would be wise to have one online for anyone reserving on as well as at the office.

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