Self confidence is a super power – Code Girls United’s 2022 NW Regional App Challenge Winners – Teams of girls in fourth through eighth grade

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Code Girls United

Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts to happen

Code Girls United of Montana on April 30th, hosted the Virtual 2022 Northwest Regional App Challenge.. Teams of girls in fourth through eighth grade presented working Apps that they had conceived, developed, coded, and tested for their target consumer. Teams presented and demonstrated their project for the audience and judges and secured bragging rights AND real, cash, scholarships for their hard work.

The first prize winner of a $5000 team scholarship was the Wild Mustangs with Marin Gallagher and Madilyn Novasio from the HERO Steam Center in Red Lodge. Their app, Wild Horses 101, which teaches children about wild horses. It  gives the user facts and information about wild horses and owning them. Users get to own a wild horse of their choice and learn to care for them plus learn about them, too. Through learning about breeds, ranges, care, and the priorities of horses, users get to own a horse digitally that they might someday like to own in real life.

The second prize winner of a $2500 team scholarship was the Coding Cats team with Sage Rohweder, Sylvia Blair, Willow Truman, and Lainey Kneeland from Kalispell and Whitefish. Their app, Perfect in Every Way, addressed the problem of Eating Disorders. The app helps people with Eating Disorders get more comfortable with looking for help, informs them about Eating Disorders, and provides ongoing support for users. It lets the users pick how they feel, listen to positive songs affirming acceptance of their bodies, encouraging quotes, videos,  and tips on healthy eating.

The third prize winner of a $1000 team scholarship was the Count on Coding team with  Eleanor Cantrell, Kiska Brassington, and Savannah Ackley from Kalispell and Columbia Falls. Their app, Distract Me, addresses the problem of self harm which can lead to suicide and negative health issues. Distract Me helps redirect teens with a pong game, custom memes, custom movement activities, and an Artificial Intelligence Therapist Bot that gives responses to users input. 

The NW Regional App Challenge was a huge success.  Girls from all over Montana exhibited their coded projects along with their business ideas and presentations. The judges were blown away by their technical prowess, business knowledge, and presentation skills.

Code Girls United would like to thank our sponsors, volunteer judges, moderators, teachers, and our speaker, Susan Gianforte, for participating. We could not host the competition without their support. 

Started in 2016, Code Girls United teaches young girls to identify real-world Apps for cell phones, tablets, and computers. The success record has attracted the attention of Silicon Valley rain-makers who want to see Montanans succeed in developing a pool of future local talent. Marianne Smith, a founding member of Code Girls United says, “Code Girls United puts the power of business and computing in the hands of these young girls. You might say, ‘We help young girls code their own future.’”

Contact information: Marianne Smith, [email protected], 406-407-0201.

Wild Mustangs

Coding Cats

Count on Coding


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