Making the case for public pre-K in Montana

Children drawing with smiling preschool teacher assisting them. Early education. Harnessing creativity and support.

Despite pilot programs highlighting the benefits of early education in recent years, Montana families continue to face a preschool desert

Montana to use American Rescue Plan funds to support K-12 schools and students

Top priorities include: Student mental health, integrating social and emotional learning and addressing the impact of loss instructional time.

Free online pre-K program looking for rural MT, WY families

Waterford Upstart provides computer and internet

GFDA is conducting a childcare feasibility study

“We’d like to get at least 500 responses from parents in the region or guardians about their childcare needs because it adds depth and richness to the number crunching that’s already been done.”

Boulder, Montana community group wants to start childcare program – New pilot program, Childcare Connect Montana, is helping childcare facilities stay staffed

The leaders of the working group have begun the process of creating a nonprofit organization. They’re seeking a grant to hire a childcare coordinator, and Hesford has been trying to recruit people to start the process of becoming licensed providers.

What’s a nursing home combined with a childcare center? A hopeful model for the future of aging  (and early education)

Imagine a place for the elderly that’s also filled with the sounds of kids playing. Marc Freedman goes to Singapore to investigate a new model for intergenerational living.

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