The Community School Collaborative and PFL Offers a Rich Array of Workshops for Sleeping Giant Middle School 7th Grade Students



Thursday, March 30th was a big day for Sleeping Giant Middle School 7th grade students. Students traveled to the second largest employer in Park County, Printing For Less, and experienced several exciting and innovative workshops that were lined up for students to learn about manufacturing, marketing, sales and service, transportation, distribution, logistics and of course… printing!

Students visited eight different ‘stations’ during the day that were tailored to the 7th grade level. PFL employees led the stations and, using hands-on activities, taught students all about the graphics and printing industry.


March 30th Workshop Vignettes:

1. Students put their skills to work when they became salespeople and were assigned an item to sell. Once they developed their sales strategy, students reached-out to PFL staffers and negotiated a purchase of the product, giving their best sales pitch.

2. PFL is known for assembly. During this workshop students learned about the assembly process by reading blueprints, schematics and building their own box to specifications. Students left with a fun box of PFL swag.

3. Students participated in an interactive activity that introduced them to the Supply Chain concept which walked them through the process from beginning to end, when the product is delivered.

4. Students watched first-hand the offset printing process. Offset printers manage and maintain printing machines, which are used to print newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, stationery and books.

The Community School Collaborative promises to provide Sleeping Giant Middle School students real-world career exploration and enrichment experiences that launch them on the pathway to a successful and fulfilling education, career and life.

For more information about Cougar Career Days contact Gina Morrison at [email protected] or if you’d like to learn more about Printing For Less contact Hannah Edmiston at [email protected].



Gina Morrison; 307-250-6904; [email protected]


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