Ideas for Funding Programs for New Women’s Club in Missoula Requested

I’m in contact with a new startup that’s trying to develop a Women’s  Club to replace the recently closed facility in Missoula. The former club had 1600 members and most of them stated they would be interested in joining a new Women’s Club.

They are open to partnering with appropriate organizations that can educate, support and provide assistance to women. A multi use building is envisioned for child care, health care, wholistic health care (ie therapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic), physical therapy, (which used to be in the old Women’s club), job preparation/search, & home buying i.e. through WORD. They are open to other ideas for synergistic combinations.

I’ve said that I wpould try to help them explore all funding opportunities to launch this effort, secure a venue and build it out to meet their needs. I’d appreciate any recommendations and/or references to appropriate funding options/programs/partners.

Thank you,

[email protected]    406-531-8119

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