A study reveals Montana has the second-slowest internet service of all 50 states in the nation.


“U.S. Senator Jon Tester is stressing the need to close the digital divide in rural communities that lack broadband access, without the unnecessary spending of taxpayer dollars,” a recent press release issued by Tester’s office stated.

Meanwhile, a report from ranks Montana second only to Alaska as having the slowest internet rates in the nation.


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Montana Senator Jon Tester says pandemic has shown big need for better broadband

We’ve got some work to do on high speed Internet, broadband, cell service. They’re all connected.”

Tester: Effective Rural Broadband Development is Critical Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Senator advocates for broadband expansion and data mapping improvements in Montana’s underserved areas


Key Elements of State Broadband Programs

Programs take different forms, share common goals and activities



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