Small-Town Natives Are Moving Back Home – What do you need to know about a community?


For many young people, returning to struggling communities means exchanging prosperity for a more rooted life.

I discovered many people who have chosen to move back home as part of a larger mission. They are fighting rural poverty, restoring broken food economies and bringing health back to neglected soil. Their vision of success has less to do with financial prosperity or personal comfort than with the more demanding values of stewardship, investment and care.


By Grace Olmstead

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If you were considering moving back to your hometown, your state or to a smaller community, what are the most important things you want to know about it?  What services, organizations, technology, real estate info, networking opportunities, etc. is most important to your decision making process.  If you’re not bringing your job with you (telecommuting) what job info would you like?   We’d like to know anything you feel is important so we can help develop something that we think will help you make a decision.

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