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Montana State research expenditures top $200 million for first time

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For a fourth straight year, Montana State University recorded an all-time high for research expenditures, which support scientific discovery, rural outreach and a variety of scholastic pursuits, as well as providing hands-on opportunities for students to engage in science and creative activities that build skills for careers after they earn their degrees.

MSU reported to the National Science Foundation that research activities accounted for roughly $201 million during the fiscal year that ended in June. That figure marks a 4% increase over last year’s total and the first time in Montana history that such expenditures at an institution of higher education have topped $200 million.

“The vast majority of these dollars come from the federal government and are won through  incredibly competitive granting processes,” said Alison Harmon, MSU’s vice president for research and economic development. “This record is a credit to the work ethic, competitiveness and high caliber of our faculty.”


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