Missoula measure would eliminate parking requirements near transit stops

Empty parking lot

Saying it adds costs to housing and limits creativity, several council members on Wednesday introduced a measure to undue parking requirements on projects located near a transit stop.

But city officials cautioned that doing so may not have the desired effect in creating more housing and could remove an incentive the city uses to coax developers for certain outcomes.


Martin Kidston


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Car-Free Living Takes Off in Car-Centric Cities

In Houston and Charlotte, developers are leveraging micromobility, transit investments and zoning reforms to create walkable projects that omit the parking lot.

Parking reform is snowballing

More cities and states around the country are recognizing the value of eliminating parking requirements.

How parking lots across the U.S. are being turned into housing

And not a moment too soon.

Maps: How Much of Your City is Parking?

The percentage of land dedicated to parking in the central districts of major U.S. cities ranges from 4 percent to as much as 42 percent.

Wednesday’s Headlines Have Ample Parking

The average U.S. city devotes a fifth of its prime downtown real estate to parking. The problem varies by size and density — Des Moines has as many parking spaces as Seattle — but it’s making cities less walkable everywhere.

Awash in Asphalt, Cities Rethink Their Parking Needs

In cities big and small, the tide is turning against sprawling parking lots, car-centric development, and minimum parking mandates.

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