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Navigating the wilderness, avoiding predators urban and rural (Wyoming)


About 2,000 miles from his home in Southeast Washington, 16-year-old Don’Zeal Davis pitched a tent in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. He spent the next 24 hours alone in the wilderness, a kind of training exercise held during a recent two-week summer camp for D.C. teenagers.

Don’Zeal admits that some of the sounds he heard that night made him wary — the hoots, howls and grunts of animals near and far. After seeing flashes of lightning, he covered his head with a book bag and eventually fell asleep. Then the rains came, and his tarp sprung a leak. He woke up to find his tent sliding downhill, taking him with it.

“In the woods, by myself, it was stormy, and I was getting wet and mad,” Don’Zeal recalled.

And yet, when asked to compare his time in the wilderness with life in his hometown, there was no contest.


Perspective by Courtland Milloy

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