City Club Missoula’s State of the Community event looks at Missoula’s present and future

City Club Missoula CCM

City Club Missoula hosted its annual “State of the Community” event on Monday which featured Missoula’s leaders as panelists and KPAX’s own Jill Valley as moderator.

The main question at the “State of the Community” was: how can Missoulians keep a strong, connected Missoula while the city continues to undergo changes and work through problems like housing, tourism, and climate?

By: Emily Brown

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Missoula officials lambast Legislature for ‘hypocrisy’, ‘hate’

“It does appear that our Legislature is hell-bent on getting involved in the most intimate details of people’s lives,” Slotnick said. “This, to the degree they’re successful, will really mess people up and their ability to be happy.”


Missoula Aims for Equity With Development Code Updates

The “Our Missoula Development Guide” is getting an update as the Montana deals with the contemporary pressures of population growth and gentrification.


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